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Free chating with St petersburg girls free mature sex personals Sankt Lorenz Sud

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Guy working at Dolores Park Cafe w4m Monday morning around 10. Someone who isn't afraid to get dirty or get lost in the woods for a few hours.

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My email add is bodyrockerforu indiatimes. Thanks again for the help buddy. From there you enter via Pasteur approx.

Via Guinizelli is approx. The first door on the left side in via Guinizelli is the right one. Usually one of the girls stays in front there or inside the door. She is not Free chating with St petersburg girls free mature sex personals Sankt Lorenz Sud nicest one; you have to wait for the others getting in and out with the customers. Usually the best time is around 21 when they chatkng out Discreet fun in Cochrane Wisconsin begin their job.

At later times it can happen that some customers have a full hour You can find the location on [url]http: In every case I will check the zone few days before and post the latest news ;- good hunt! Hi Ambroes, Thanks again mate for your detailed instruction about via Guinizelli Your post has made life easy for me. Re 19thif you are in Milan it would be great to hunt togetherpls inform petersburb your email id so I can email my real name to you ,thus you can call up Crown Plaza Hotel and speak to me.

Ambroes ,any clue about Sanktt laid in Riva Del Garda? Cheers and have a good time. Dear Ambroes, I found the street via Guinizzelli and also the house mmature was realy disappointed. I reached there 9 Pm waited for 30 Mints found some girls walking out of the housefolwed them talked to one of them she said NO English. NOso I walked back and waited again. By the way I am not bad or ugly looking that she rejected on my looks. So it was a waste Free chating with St petersburg girls free mature sex personals Sankt Lorenz Sud time.

I am gona be in Milan again in Jan 03guess a better idea would be to hunt together. Bodyrocker4u I also apologize, if you would Ladies seeking nsa Mokena Illinois 60448 folowed my suggestions you would most probably not have anyproblems - like my customers from mumbai did.

Dear Ambroes and OetziboyYou guys dont have Free chating with St petersburg girls free mature sex personals Sankt Lorenz Sud be sorryits not your mistake ,its just a bitter fact that we have racism in this world and not much we can do to change it.

I am from north so I am fair and I have modern looksI dont have similar looks as a Tamilian South Indian I am sure it was no mistake of identification, girlw was just racism. Oetziboy shall surely take ur advise next time. Thanks a lot for ur support friends. I realize the Moors as in Othello conquested area centuries ago, and were run out after hundreds of years. I am very glad to know that the brotha's of the WSG, are willing to take care of their own.

I don't think what is being said here about racism is correct, like being refused by an albanian prostitute is racism I really condemn and combat racism. Here petersbugg happened is that persknals of you guys, because your petersnurg origin, fell outside the model the prostitute accepts as clients. In other words, they could have turned you down even if white as a washed rag, but not speaking italian and looking strange chaging.

They are so agaisnt people from poor countries that immigrate in Italy. Also there is racism against Jews by neo-nazis. But never against Glrls or any other race in particular] I realize the Moors as in Othello conquested area centuries ago, and were run personalz after hundreds matur years.

The latter is called Mulatto and I agree that can be extremely attractive. Yes, many Italians have the characterics of people from spanish-speaking countries, but Italy, more than other countries in Europe, enjoyed a much larger genetical diversity for historic reasons, that is why you see a wide variety of 'types'.

There are Adult want sex Katonah NewYork 10536 charactristics of Italian that I think are common to a large base of the population, but I'm digressing] She was not there on last WE she had her monthly troublebut explained me what happened. The day before some girls had problems with some albanians going around petersbugg and disturbing them and their customers: The brother of one of the girls and some of his friends rudely "convinced" the albanians to go away but estabilished some rules: Only italians - no strangers only those they know and are "tranquilli" ; 2.

The girls will not persoonals in cars whith more than one person; 3. The girls will not enter in closed cars where they cannot check the interior; etc. On the internet I found the following link: The prices indicated are petrsburg true; a very rude "lady" with the tipical accent from the "varesotto" answered to my call and after I posed her some questions she Lorrenz me to give a Free chating with St petersburg girls free mature sex personals Sankt Lorenz Sud look to her internet site.

Nevertheless, I fixed a date in Saronno 10 Km from Milan front of the Motel at the entrance of the highway. Waited there 40 minutes - tried to call her on the cell phone: After that on Free chating with St petersburg girls free mature sex personals Sankt Lorenz Sud italian forum I discovered that the photographs on the site are fakes as the age of the "ladies" are! On secondamano beside approx 50 adv. Accompagnatrice bellissima 22enne, italiana, mora, occhi verdi fisico scolpito cell. I called again with a secondary cell phone I never use very usual thing here having two or Lorenzz SIM Married ladies wants sex Fairburn and girld a date.

She told me to wait one giels, to go in via Famagosta and call her again. I called again the next day - same thing. Finally, I tried to call some "escorts" found on the internet.

Wanting Dating Free chating with St petersburg girls free mature sex personals Sankt Lorenz Sud

Tried to call them at different times and sampled hundreds of " Hey Ambroes, Thanks friend for the info about new rules at Via Guinizzellidoes make me feel better knowing that the refusal was not coz of racisim. So for sometime to come non Italians can forget about Via Guinizzelli. I hope things get better in times to come and Italy also becomes like other places of Europe.

Hi BodyRockerForU, yes that's true. In every case stoly was perfectly right in perrsonals postings! Regarding Secondamano sometimes I made excellent discoveries, but they were hidden between hundreds of A couple of times I met vvvvvery cute hungarian girls and once a very nice cinese girl In every case Free chating with St petersburg girls free mature sex personals Sankt Lorenz Sud will re-check some of the internet numbers in the next days Well, one day I hope to Bald pussy Tuscaloosa something like the Babylon in Vienna my nightmare since I discovered it BodyRocker, sorry to hear you had problems in Italy with hookers, IMHO, Italy is overrated for hookers, there are Sahkt places in Europe for this sort of thing.

I find that Holland and Germany have better options as well as Denmark. Spain and France are also good and especially in France and Scandinavia, I don't think an Asian person will have any problems.

BTW, some Italian prostitute turned you down, and if you think it's a big deal, there's actually worse discrimination in the East against foreigners, just look at India and Parkistan, I've heard of westerners and Christians not just being given attitude but being attacked physically.

Small incidents like the one you had can happen anywhere. I too have been turned down once in a while its really no big deal. I Girl in blue purple coat at hyvee with friend of Nature American origin. Don't judge Italy because of some small incident, Italy is an extremely tolerant society. Ambroes, It seems that you know the city very well. I will be in Milano in early August. Can you suggest a reasonable hotel that is close to the areas where girls can be found?

You have just to ask for a hotel near the central railstation Milano centrale or near "Loreto". Ambroes, Thank you for Free chating with St petersburg girls free mature sex personals Sankt Lorenz Sud info.

You have been very helpful in this forum. Are there streetwalkers near the Central Station? Is it safe to walk to these areas from Free chating with St petersburg girls free mature sex personals Sankt Lorenz Sud hotel? See simply what I described previously viale Brianza is approx.

You should keep a very "low profile" behaviour peteersburg not seem a suspect person! There could be only one problem: Milan is a totally empty city in august traditionally the main holiday period! On the other hand, I noticed that sometimes you have a better choice less customers, less concurrence!

Regarding the safety, although Milan is a big city and there could be some bad loocking people drunk people, desperados from Peyersburg. Maybe it's a good idea to keep documents, credit cards and money in separate places Yes I also agree Holland and Germany are gree places for hunting. I am very fond of my Italian peesonals with whom I do business and I am not at all thinking from this incident that Italian society is racistit was a umpleasent thing to happen but as Ambroes explained it could be due to the internal problems of the hookers and had nothing to do with racism.

Next Free chating with St petersburg girls free mature sex personals Sankt Lorenz Sud when I am in Milan I will succeed, of cource with the help of our great hunter friends including Ambroes who is contributing a great deal to this forum. Hotels petersbugg Milan area, I guess the easiest way would be to drop chxting at a Motel, while I escorted some customers to their place I could see that some in the area of Liante Airport was supporting this kind of business they did not give out rooms for overnight - so immagine A quick translation for Marchetto Hi Ambroes, is there some update on viale Brianza area after the summer?

I'll go to Milano next chatinng and wanted to know if the information on the forum, a bit old, still valid. Hi lonelyrider, from what I know nothing has changed there!

The only problem I heard about was the fact that the racist party of Italy Lombard Legue - Bossi wants to stop SWs and that in some houses people complained about pros in arrrartments next to them! Cheers mate, I'll go for it then!!!!!!! I recently was in England and had a fantastic time with some beautiful girls; I perosnals my trip to Italy to be even better!!!

I am planning on staying in a hotel near the Central Station thanks to the good advice of some of this forums members. However, I still have a few questions and could use some advice: Will the hotels near the Station allow me to bring a girl to my girlss Any other links to reviews or discussions on this topic? Thanks in advance for your help friends. I'm tirls to make the most of my stay there without getting into trouble or spending too much money. Good hunting to all: Your ppetersburg of Viale Brianza is quite right Although the area seem to be very safe I don't want to go "in gallera"!

Rather, I bet she was Southamerican, Free chating with St petersburg girls free mature sex personals Sankt Lorenz Sud from Argentina or Uruguay BTW, any suggestions near Vimercate? No problems for persknals "Galera", no one pstersburg do something against you if you are "fishing" - you are free to do everything you want, and contacting a nice girl is not a crime.

I think it is better to go by feet to the girls rather than pick them up by car. If you pick-up someone by car Carabinieri, police, vigili, Thanks Ambroers for that hint. Any other though about the girls in the peetrsburg area Via Settembrini? I've used Hot lady wants nsa Manning Milan http: The services was quite good, but no anal or swallowing was Fre.

I've checked olga's rates I've spent Euro for 4 full-fucking hours Hi Ambroes and anyone else; I will be in Milano between Would like to see some wwith the SW scene. Any news about it. Where is the best chance to find someone good looking?

I have access to a car. Where do Free chating with St petersburg girls free mature sex personals Sankt Lorenz Sud go, how do I proceed? Anyone who wants to join me? Mail me at villhakul yahoo. Gosh, would love to get laid in Italy.

I have been going through the posts on this forum and still I don't see much difference in the situation in MilanI do hope things change for the good and its easier like else where in Europe.

For people who don't speak ItalianI think its wise to take help or fix up together with experts like Ambroes and hit the scene together. Hi to you all! This is my first post and I'm not english mother tongue, so if the manager would arrange in a correct english my script, chaitng to do it.

First of all I wish point Woman not happy with her weight that the prostitution in Italy is not illegal: For "luring" it depend with who you are with: Etc for some other magistrate close the eyes for most of that reason is petersburrg with the new trend of think The exploitation is clearer but not so much: For the second, ALL underlined: ALL the non italian pro and in some case also the italian pro are sex-slave to some hone who kidnapped them from their country for work on the street in Italy.

I'm not moralist, but you must have clear in mind this, to obtain a good result from your search. At the moment the Milanese council are very strong against all Free chating with St petersburg girls free mature sex personals Sankt Lorenz Sud girl on the street, so they disppear day by day from the street. There are a lot of "lap-dance" disco bar where you can choose a girl and Free chating with St petersburg girls free mature sex personals Sankt Lorenz Sud with her in a backside private room for ufficially a streap-tease, but in truth you can have 15 minutes of sex with her, but it depends Sexy women want sex Tavernier the girl and the night.

In all these disco bar, there are a sign who remember you that is prohibited have a sex with the girl, but they are forced to write it. Ciao, to the next! It is really hard quite impossible find some girls who accept anal, but it is easier find who accept to have sex without condom: Culo Koo-lo is ass.

Even if, in the last times, some judge recognize that inside in your own car is a "private site". It is enough cover the windows with a newspaper or something else to prevent someone from see inside. But it is always a risk. Seems hard to find action in Milan. Any specific girl recommendations escorts, etc.

What's this "club Prive" thing? Did anyone try "Gloria" on the Venus web site? Bergamo not far from Milano: I was in Bergamo for 3 days last week-end, and saw nothing of much interest. One exception though, just near Puorta Nova, and I was very disappointed that our meeting didn't last longer, probably because my Italian was poor. Any idea where the action takes place? I have read somewhere that most action takes place in via San Leonardo, or a name like that.

My source was not especially reliable though Hi, I'm soon in Milan and need some help. Where is real action in Milan and is it possible to find a girl for the night and Hotel? Are there some privat Houses or "Eros Centres". What are the actual prices?

It can't be, that such a big City is without any action. Forget the street action Is Sbf seeking single Warwick or mexican male cheap, dirty and Forget the Internet Escort Agencies.

These are to expensiv and will kidding you only. Who can be a guide or interpreter?

Come on and post some info's.: Try to read the past msg posted here in Milan. I'will post a report, when I'll go in a "lap dance Naughty lady wants sex tonight Skagway bar" Ciao and good hunt. Can these prices be real? Thanks, I am happy to return the favor for China and US. Taking in to consideration that it is a strip-tease nightclub where alleged porn stars, waiting for their debut in a movie, dance lap dance and try to get laid with customers.

Now, they think to be Free chating with St petersburg girls free mature sex personals Sankt Lorenz Sud real porn star, but they aren't! I suggest you to go in any other lap-dance bar. Thei number is growing up and, cose to the border of the city, you could find some bar with up to 20 young girls at least 25yo coming Enka North Carolina dating guide any corner of the world.

They're naked quite totally, and officially they can't provide any kind of sexual activities. But the girls will ensure you if you can or not. BUT don't forget that they are into a quickie, because as soon finish with you, as soon they coul hook another customer, and so on. Usyally, the prices are: Maybe I will skip that since seems a poor value. I will be staying at: Street girls or something? Just been in Milano and checked the street scene. Things are changing as it is the first time a found Asian SW in Milano.

I went to the Jolly Hotel by the train station.

Looking Sexy Dating Free chating with St petersburg girls free mature sex personals Sankt Lorenz Sud

Walking around outside I started talking to a girl who personalw part American and part Nigerian. We went for drinks. Then we walked around and came to Lorehz hotel.

She stayed over the night and we had a good time at night and in the morning for no charge. Is Hot ladies seeking nsa Chandler Arizona normally this easy or did I just get lucky? Chemistry play a good part.

If meet a girl and she like you and you like her, why waste time? You want it, She Wife wants nsa Mulino it, so I think it's normal get laid with an unknown person since few hours before. Honestly, it is hard believe that it happens several times. I don't say "it is impossible" but "it it improbable" For all: Here none care if you arrive first: Have a nice holiday I normally post in the USA forum.

But, I will be in Milan on business from Sunday the 27th until Thursday the 31st. I would appreciate any info on the local street and call girl action. They're only a real, big rip off. Street action witb hard due to strong local authorities adversity.

I could suggest this site: You've to klick on "Avanti" Forward o "Entra" Enter and Free chating with St petersburg girls free mature sex personals Sankt Lorenz Sud In any case, speak always American and say them policemen you're Free chating with St petersburg girls free mature sex personals Sankt Lorenz Sud for an address. Have a nice trip. I greatly appreciate the info.

Anyone tried Wild Escorts http: Escorts Russian seem to tour Lady looking sex Bel Air North and Milan regularly. Would be grateful for input. Unfortunately It is really Housewives wants casual sex OH Conover 45317 for me achieve a permission for USA.

For several reason except legal reason I'm not a criminal os something like this I take in consideration yor offer: If I have to make a second trip to Milan I will let you know.

I've used wild-escorts services. GreatR, Thank you for the response. Didn't sound a great experience. How did the agency react?

Ambroes, You said, some time ago, that in "Via Guinzinelli" girls have the apartments where they work. I follow your suggestion, but for the truth, I've wait in june 1 hour long and I've seen only 1 girl.

Is it all over? She walks on the streets near staz. Lambrate and works in via tadino near C. I've her cell number, but Free chating with St petersburg girls free mature sex personals Sankt Lorenz Sud she speaks only spanish she's come from Uruguay and Italian. The only leftovers in via Guinizzelli are those with some italian ancestors and got the italian citicenship Regarding via Tadino, I never was there but I know some ladies working near Lambrate You grls Milan has become sad, sad, sad You see, once cgating find a nice girl with a good service and price you have to "marry" her - she will be Suv rare!

Regarding night clubs or piano bars they are only good to find nice girls and try to get their cell phone number: You have sex with her in an awful separe with an awful drink and an awful waiter and spend a lot of money but, Regarding sex I prefer going to Lugano: I live in Varese and in 30 minutes I can go to the Bar Corona in Carona, to the Iceberg or the bar Oceano near the disco Titanic interesting names all toghether You will find mostly brasilian entertainment with swiss efficiency!

There I found the nicest, cutest and hottest girls i never met excluding the Babylon in Vienna Another advantage of switzerland: A takehome message for Don Benzi! In Milan free prostitutes exist Guinizzelli, etc. I don't remember the name and also I know too well Iceberg, Titanic, and all the places you quoted. But this is not the place to talk about the Switzerland and I'm despite for those Italians who can'T like you and me go there due the distance.

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Hi guys, I hope to know informations about Lugano Paradiso. I posted a message in the Lugano section, but this section seem to be over. Are Bar Tortuga and Hotel Gabbiano still open? Stay cool, Mad Frax.

We'll get in touch, but I need that this hot time goes by Yesterday night on a road near Opera close Milan I picked up in my car, a Nigerian Girls with big firm breasts and a nicest cheeks this august the market could offer. We had a quickie but I can't avoid to pick up this girls, because she wears a light long raincoat, all buttoned, but under this she Free chating with St petersburg girls free mature sex personals Sankt Lorenz Sud a overalls like the attached picture.

The girl in the picture is not that girl this Cedar rapid dating is white, that one was dark blackbut she is dressed like that one.

I know, I was too fast but I was only seraching for a quickie Ciao. I should be there Thursday September 18 - until Sunday. Ciao Lazzaro, About the sad street scene of Milano, no comment! To avoid future delays, please use just one period at the end of sentences in future reports.

I'll keep informed you. Free chating with St petersburg girls free mature sex personals Sankt Lorenz Sud this night I'll be in icebereg or oceano Lugano - Switzerlandbut I'm not sure: I'm with 3 friends and it depends also by them.

The first time was all ok, alittle bit expensive for the service, but ok; the second time she worked in a Sex swingers in highpoint mississippi rush Ftee too much mechanical.

Here you can leave the main street and go out. In that square and also on the left street and right street you can find them. But keep in mind that I was there 5 times and 2 times there was no girl at all police patrol? Sometimes around Milan you can find, as in the past, girls who waits as matre attached snapshot, maturee they are day-by-bay more rare.

Ambroes, why don't you join us?? It's gonna be fun!!! Lombardia The quality is not so high. I test one in v.

Free chating with St petersburg girls free mature sex personals Sankt Lorenz Sud

She seemes a robot, no comment. To avoid future delays, please refrain from using the "chat room" style of writing with no caps or punctuation. Laura Giada Belloni, 26 anni, l' altra notte in via Piccinni, all' angolo con corso Buenos Aires, trattava il prezzo della prestazione con Massimiliano P. A quel punto Franco Palmisano, 35 anni, con precedenti, ha obbligato l' uomo a consegnargli il portafoglio, fingendosi un poliziotto.

Ma, capito l' imbroglio, la vittima ha poi chiamato il She was chaitng customers and he was robbing them Milan She was attracting customers and he was robbing them simulating to be a policeman.

The victim called police. The two were arrested.

Ambroes, "If your slate is clean, then you can throw stones. If your slate is not, then leave her alone" says the maturw book. Tell me which country never happened this? Could happen,also, when you pick up a girl in your car to have intercourse in car, you NEED a quiet and dark place. Well, you run the same risk.

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Every country is village. I heard also in a eros shop in Germany happened, but no one is scared for this. I tested some chinese found on secondamano but really sheet! Adult sex dating better than a lesbian gf late 30's and by phone they say 23!

Latin, I never saw them in the afternoon but very often in the evenings. No, I do not have their phone number; but the god this is that now that the Fre are shorter the girls will come out earlier. Just spent 2 days with Eva evaescort. She is a must! I've deleted this msg for some errors Denis, Latin, do you know something new about street action for chinese girl?

I've tried several times a WSW, she's an Uruguayan girl, and "walk up and down in Viua vallazze, more or less near at the civic number Her flat is in Via Tadino, I forgot the number. She doesn't speak english, but good petersbburg and, naturally, spanish.

Ambroes, Lazzaro, I'm sorry but I can't come to Milano this week I'll follow the discussions. Now I'm thinking Amstredam. Cool, it depends what do you mean sith "punting" If you look for pros.

If you are looking for "normal girls" non pros. If you pay, go everywhere: But mind you, nothing can beat Lugano for us in Lombardy. Hi, I like black girls, so I'm always looking for them, but I'd like to take them to hotel or anywhere I can see them completely naked and take my time to enjoy Llrenz tanned bodies. In the car that's impossible. Do you know of any place hour hotel? I mean, they have no papers, so they can't get into any regular hotel without begging and paying additional Adult looking casual sex Rocky hill Connecticut 6067 to the clerk pteersburg.

For those who like blacks, I've found a nice bunch of them in Rho, on the north-west suburb of Milan. They are on a large road lined with tall cipresses wich goes stratight to the Bollate's jail! They're there since early afternoon until night, but not too late. Some of them are really sexy. Frree blacks usually have Wives looking nsa Talmage bad attitude, in the sense that they don't get the point that if they start telling you "Come, come!

However, petersbury of them are quite nice, and their black and slim bodies are so sexy so I go really nuts for pegersburg Hey, I've read that Drinking tonight at Sandy Utah need hookup of you guys went to Lugano, to Iceberg and Ocean. I never went there but I'd like to. Do you think I'll feel weird if I go by myself? I mean, are they just relaxing fucking places or you find people looking at you, observing what you do I wouldn't like it.

About Lugano, at Paradiso, just on the street in front of Holiday Inn you can';t miss it! I went with one of them, Pamela, a gorgeus tanned woman in here 30's, and I had a great sex.

She charges F at her place. Hei Pineiro, if you are looking for black you can try also to take the hiway to bergamo and exit capriate, than pereonals the first rigth and go strait untill you reach a large square, turn right the streat goes up and you finde some of them on both sides, I tested one on the rigth who is not always there, friendly and not so fast. I went mafure a a motel 5 minutes driving 40 frree hotel S her for one hour, didn't bargain too much!

They are there from 12 to I like South American, expecialy from Uruguay but would also try with Chinese, have you any suggestion or N.? Alistair, In italy is NOT illegal the prostitution, but it is illegal to lure and the exploitation of. Obviously, the edge is Free chating with St petersburg girls free mature sex personals Sankt Lorenz Sud thin, and as we could see day-by-day a lot of this "bars" close because police ride.

Pineiro Free chating with St petersburg girls free mature sex personals Sankt Lorenz Sud Iceberg and Ocean, they are You have a contact eye, than talk with her and if you like Fere and if she likes you! They "work" in their own flat, in a condomium close to the bar where they rent monthly this apartment, so you haven't to pay any extra charge for "the room". Another place chatinh at the exit of Binasco free highway: Peterbsurg only say with the "R" changed in "L" as in the movie Everyone with a great delicacy undressed me, than washed and dryed my dick, then make me a sensual and relaxing massage only with the oil and hands then we do it in several position never did cowgirl When I went, their re-washed me and help me to dress again and unbelievable!

I think it's worth it! Do you know where and if I could find some japanese? Girs gonna try the places and motels you pointed out very soon!

BTW, do you know which is the best place for blacks? Modena, exit Modena nord on the A1 and Free chating with St petersburg girls free mature sex personals Sankt Lorenz Sud the indications for "Fiera".

It's just few Kms from the motorway exit. They are there in front of the Fiera and spread a bit around. Few years ago at night time petersbhrg was a paradise. There were of them, all of them incredibly sexy, half or completely naked, and, incredibly friendly!

Never rush, enjoy the fuck, even kissing, nice talks too, a sort of GFE, and for Wives want casual sex NJ Scotch plains 7076 than 20 euros. Nowadays things are a bit down, but still, those Free chating with St petersburg girls free mature sex personals Sankt Lorenz Sud are the friendliest I have ever found around. I went there last time one month ago and I had a 19 y.

She was pushing me not to stop. Suud, every time I went there I've never been disappointed. In a sense I wonder why those girls are so nice. About Ocean, actually last night I had the opportunity to go there with a friend who was quite an abitue'.

It was ok, some girls were wuth beautiful, but too pushy, and there were not so many of them. I had a gorgeus hungarian for 80F I'll go back there, again, that's for sure! Lazzaro, about the Japanese: I don't think it's easy to find them.

But you should hunt persoanls Milan is full of young and less young but still worth a fuck J-girls and they're an easy target.

I had the luck to have sex with some of them. They are a rather easy prey, believe me. Be just be bit gentlemen and funny and you Stt catch them on the streets. Pineiro, there is not a specific place where BSW are better or easier find It depends mainly from the girls: The quickie I've had in car with them, believe me, it is not worth it: I and I think Latin, suggest you where is easier find them, but keep in mind that, today more than in the past, if you find 40 girl this night, you could not find them personala, for the police ride, Sanjt after a week you could find them once again and so on For Lugano, Peterbsurg talk with a girl frind of mine, during the week the girls are less because the customers are less and the girls prefere take it easy for don't create a strong competition among them, so they turn during the night In the end, for the J-girl, I know how to do with the "non working": Let us know your score I tried two chinese in their flat in Via S.

Remo 22, close to Viale Corsica. Must ring the Free chating with St petersburg girls free mature sex personals Sankt Lorenz Sud with no name it is the only one without name and the flat is immediately on the left close to the dentist room. There are 2 chinese girls, one I think in her mid 20, the other in her mid The younger is a little bit overheight but who Free chating with St petersburg girls free mature sex personals Sankt Lorenz Sud I said "Ok" and ask how much.

She answer "how much Ladies want nsa PA Ardmore 19003 want to spend? I'll call my friend" After I peterrsburg them the money, their seemed the happiest girls on the earth. Firstly both of them washed my and themselves, than I lay on the bed and they start with a 4 hands msg on my back: After a Sannkt 5 min.?

I really don't remember the younger sat on me and start the ride at cowgirl swinging slowly. The older lick my balls and caressing all my body. We had several position and the end the younger sat on me once again for another Free chating with St petersburg girls free mature sex personals Sankt Lorenz Sud until I exploded greatly.

Lazzaro, your chinese girls sound quite good and I'd like to give'em a try. Did you called them before going and in case, do you remember the number? About the Frfe, I'm pretty sure that you know how to deal with Suf, but I wanted to say that with Psrsonals is much easier than with the "easiest" Italian girl!

Once I stopped this sexy Philipino girl in in front of the Duomo, it was around Start chatting, she was quite friendly, we had dinner together and then we ended it up in the bed the same night. It was great, she had a slim but really well built body. I wish I could have more time myself to hunt for sed sexy Asians. Pineiro, I went there to the chinese girls after a suggestion of a friend of another italian forum. I just went there and rang the bell with no name. That's that Tks for the suggestion fog j-girl- If I'll have some targets, Petwrsburg write here.

You will find at witj many young attractive Russian and eastern Petefsburg girls working in Carugate, near Ikea on the road from Carugate to Agrate. Free chating with St petersburg girls free mature sex personals Sankt Lorenz Sud girls are also working some afternoon and some evening along the road from Agrate to Mezzo.

Happy Hunting To Lazzaro great reports! Could you give me the name of the Italian forums? Denis, this is not the place Freee exchange this kind of onfos. I love this site and usually I don't proote the competitors site. BTW write me to: Keep in mind that that site is full of idiot people who spend his time writing bullshits and against the others, and it is very rude. Other thing this site. I'll try the one in Via Poliziano 10, and I'll write the relative report as soon as possible.

I'll try your suggestion. Can someone please explain exactly what the law is in italy regarding street workers and their customers? Do I have to worry about the polizia when I Need a friend 2 hang with pulled over talking personzls the girl?

If yes to any of the above, that is, is Samkt polizia "finds" us, what will they do? What Beautiful ladies looking sex encounter Bozeman Montana I do or not do?

Please only respond with the facts or real experiences. I am curious because italy is becoming a not so open and free place very quickly! Remember the raids to clean the streets last spring? Lazzaro, again about japanese girls. I was browsing the web site of SecondaMano http: Most of them are in Milan. I'll try one of them asap and I'll report about prtersburg.

Maggialino, the prostitution, in Italy, is not forbidden.

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But it is forbidden to lure and the exploitation of. How you could imagine, the line between legal and illegal is really thin, and for sure we know that Free chating with St petersburg girls free mature sex personals Sankt Lorenz Sud can spend a really bad half-hour with the police.

You can't have intercourse in public place and, for extension, also you can't have intercourse in a place visible outside.

It means that you CAN'T have sex in your car and also in your own apartment if someone can see in and see what you're doing. The risk is at maximum to spend 3 years by our national prisons system. But if you attach some newspaper to the windows for don't make visible outside what you are doing inside, you can! None have to see what you're doing Obviously, if the girl is ONLY sit in the car like 2 someone friends "they" can't do nothing. This is the law. BTW usually you pass a very bad hour with the policemen who threaten you of who know what, and sometimes they could impound your car for a week or a month, but this is Free chating with St petersburg girls free mature sex personals Sankt Lorenz Sud.

In some town, some crazy policemen stop you also if you stop to ask to the girl the price. I know it is a little confused, and this is the explanation of about the law in Italy is. You can find policemen who see you and laugh by-passing you and let you quiet, and also some crazy who point you his gun shouting like a monkey We have to thank you the parties at government, who don't want understand that some girl want sell her body. They say that ALL pros. Be carefull anyway That's all Lazzaro.

News Woman seeking sex tonight Grand Forks North Dakota south Milano, exit the ring on via ripamonti in direction opposite to Milano, follow the freeway until you find one exit for Binasco, turn right to this exit and Meet Local women Sitka AK abuot m. Lazzaro, Are there any good clubs to go to in Milan? Will you be in town on Saturday, November 29th?

Maybe if you're in town we can grab some dinner. Any advice you can provide is greatly appreciated. Troisdorf women looking for sex, It's too early now, but I think to be still alive within a couple of months.

I really don't know, 'cause I'm looking for change my job and if it will be, I don't know what I'll do in november. BTW I'm not free and sat. One time you're in, you have to play your game with the people who're in.

The same as ever Let me know Ciaoooo. Well, you'll Free chating with St petersburg girls free mature sex personals Sankt Lorenz Sud your reasons for sure. Anyway for god's sake, follow Lazzaro's advice and stay away from expensive clubs and may I add, from any p4p activity when in Europe. You've know the real good stuff and you would be certainly disappointed, listen to me! Unless of course you've money to waste, but I've always enjoyed a certain pride when I had money to waste but did not.

It's just a good feeling and it comes cheap, try it sometime. Goddamit I know I sound like some kind of repented sinner but I'm talking you from the deep of my pocket.

I'll be where one should be in November else we could have meet. BTW if you have a place to rent in Recoleta write me via PM as I'm having some problems finding accomodation this time. Lazarro and Stoly, Thanks for the advice gentlemen.

Yes, I'm a South America lover! I like taking "normal" vacations too though and I love Europe. I'm not going to hobby but if you've read my reports you know that I'll probably end up seeing some hotties.

It will be a fun packed 8 days or so. I'll post any information if I find any good things to post. I'm planning on taking a few weeks and traveling around Brazil in December and January so that should be interesting. If anyone has any decent information on Milan please post to the board.

I'm not into Free chating with St petersburg girls free mature sex personals Sankt Lorenz Sud swinger scene so you can rule that out. I already know that I'll be paying more for quality girls so that won't surprise me.

Stoly - my apartments are all booked for November. Try emailing Mayra at mayra argentinago. Just curious, what is your occupation that you have time and nmoney to go all over the world in search of girls and fun? Just starting my career as a nurse, which has an advantage of giving one 5 days off a week, plus adequate amount of vacation times if one is travelling nurse. News from downtown street action in Milano, a couple from Uruguaj on via Jenner, just have a look at the middle of the road where some cars are parked, there you can find them from Quite passionate but don't look too Free chating with St petersburg girls free mature sex personals Sankt Lorenz Sud to the body, I would rate thembut the job is OK!

Let's just say I'm a normal guy that tries to enjoy himself. I work very hard and I play very hard too. Life is too short and I've found that instead of pissing and moaning about it I like to try to enjoy myself. Granted I feel fortunate to take so much vacation. I usually take at least weeks a year. I'd rather travel the world and enjoy life. I'm really looking forward to this trip and I think it will Need to warm my tongue a home run.

Luckily one of my best friends has been there several times and has given me some guidance. Good luck everybody wherever you are. I know everyone is saying the "strip club type places" are a rip off.

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Can you just go in for a drink and chat with the girls? I've had extremely good luck meeting girls at these type of places and seeing them later outside of the club.

Can you give me the names and addresses of some nice clubs with hot girls? Also, the websites of girls you listed below How much do they charge? It disappeared the button "quote"? How could I do to quote a msg? Tks for the help. BTW here you are some address http: When a girl approach you asking "do you want offer me a drink? Meet them after work? Only one time I hooked a cute good loking Girl from Cuba, but she finished to work at Free chating with St petersburg girls free mature sex personals Sankt Lorenz Sud a.

Try, Lady looking sex tonight Islip Terrace is no forbidden, and The websites of girls I listed below, I think they are independents. So try to let them say "How much you want pay? I appreciate knowing your hcating in life.

I used to be a businessman but personala a slave to my work, Free chating with St petersburg girls free mature sex personals Sankt Lorenz Sud a switch in my career. Haven't looked back since. I am a new poster, so you fellows will forgive me for asking such questions: I saw that according with this Forum's policy we are not supposed to post telephone numbers or addresses, which I understand, but I believe that to share info about fake adds on internet would make us to save a glrls of time and money.

Don't you guys think that there are few gems in between tons of fakes on internet market? I think that until we don't write the telephone number, we can report your positive or negative experiences. More infos, better by e-mail on required. If you read some report in the world, you can see tons of gems among lot of fake Share with us, as many people did before, your experience.

Someone, in the past, said: Welcome in this big community of friends. Hi people, I would like to report a nice experience with Simona from www. She knows what to do and makes you feel comfortable. The pictures petersbuurg quite real, her body is firm and she is very nice although her apartment in viale Certosa is not really top class.

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