Car Accident Takes the Life of a Long Island Seventh Grader

Early Monday morning around 7:30 a.m. a car struck a 12-year-old girl while she, her twin sister and a friend were jaywalking. They crossed the road close to the intersection of Elmont Road and Village Avenue, near Martin De Porres School, which is about a block away. When the car hit Gabrielle Johnson, the impact threw her over the hood and about 100 feet behind the vehicle. Despite braking heavily, the car moved forward 20 feet before coming to a full stop. Eye Witness News, ABC 7 NY reported that the driver was a 38-year-old man from Far Rockaway. He remained at the scene and tried to help the young girl. Emergency responders transported her to Franklin General Hospital where she died about an hour later. Witnesses report that the driver didn’t appear to be speeding and the speed limit is 30 miles per hour in this area. For purposes of determining the car’s speed at the time of the accident, police are still investigating because the damage to the car was considerable. Students interviewed by Eyewitness News said this crossing is a shortcut students often use when walking to school. However, there is no crossing guard stationed there. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), motor vehicle injuries are a leading cause of children’s death in our nation. Certainly, all traffic deaths are tragic, but when a young person dies unexpectedly, it is virtually heartbreaking for family...

Kids and Trampoline Accidents

Trampoline Accidents We love our kids to be active in sports because they enjoy it and the exercise is good for them. Jumping on trampolines is fun, and trampoline parks are a type of recreation that has grown in popularity nationwide during the past few years. According to ABC News, in 2009 only a handful of trampoline parks existed but by 2014, there were 345 parks across the country. Granted, not all injuries occur in trampoline parks. Schools have trampolines and some people have trampolines in their back yards. Even so, close to 100,000 trampoline-related injuries happen annually. Between 2000 and 2009, there were 22 trampoline-related deaths. Many states have no regulations in place to monitor the industry for keeping parks as safe as possible. Parks typically regulate themselves. The Consumer Product Safety Commission indicates that many trampoline accidents occur when more than one person jump on a trampoline at the same time. Today Parents published an article about Kerley Thomasson, who lost her 30-year-old son in a trampoline accident in a Phoenix facility. In 2012, he somersaulted into a shallow foam pit and broke his neck. The mother said the facility had no medical procedure in place and most of the employees were under age 18. She since has worked to pass legislation to regulate trampoline recreation parks in Arizona. Arizona is the first state to regulate trampoline parks through Ty’s Law, named after her son Ty Thomasson. Safety Guidelines Guidelines for safety at trampoline parks include: No more than one person on a trampoline at the same time Separate kids by size and keep small and large...

Suffolk County Crash on LIE Service Road Involving SUV Turnover

Suffolk County Car Accident Newsday reported that on January 18, a 19-year-old driver crashed on the Long Island Expressway in Holtsville after fleeing a police stop. The officer stopped the driver on the westbound LIE as the BMW SUV was approaching from behind him at a high speed. The SUV pulled onto the shoulder for the traffic stop near Exit 62 and initially stopped. However, when the officer approached the vehicle, the driver sped away and exited onto the westbound service road at Exit 62. While traveling at about 80 miles per hour, the SUV swerved to avoid crashing into a tractor-trailer that was stopped on left shoulder and two other vehicles in the left hand lane near Morris Avenue. At this point the SUV flipped over. Significant damage occurred to the vehicle and the driver sustained a leg injury. The vehicle’s passengers experienced only minor injuries. Police are investigating the accident and arrested the driver for fleeing a police officer and speeding. His name remains undisclosed. A New York Times article  indicates that Suffolk County tops the list for the most dangerous roads in New York. The combination of speed, excessive traffic and unsafe design were factors that made Suffolk’s roads dangerous. In fact, the Long Island Expressway was ranked number three in the list of dangerous roads. It pays to drive defensively and take precautions when driving on the LIE and other roads throughout Long Island. Accident victims should seek legal counsel when their injuries exceed the serious injury threshold and another driver is at...

Even the Police Are Vulnerable in Drunk Driving Accidents

Drunk Driving Accidents on Long Island A drunken driver crashed his van into a Suffolk County police cruiser and fled the scene on Saturday night in the eastbound lanes of Sunrise Highway near the William Floyd Parkway. Long Island News 12 reported that the accident occurred in Brookhaven, where the police officer had pulled his marked cruiser off to the side of the road to help a driver whose vehicle was on fire. Rescue personnel airlifted the officer to Stony Brook University Hospital, and hospital staff determined that his injuries were not life threatening. The driver of the van fled the accident scene on foot and was later taken into custody. Police identified him as 27-year-old Carolos Morocho. He had been charged with DWI two times previously and currently faces criminal charges for DWI, leaving the scene of an accident, aggravated unlicensed operation of a vehicle, failure to move over for an emergency vehicle, false personation and operating a vehicle without an interlock device. During the arraignment hearing on Sunday, Morocho pled not guilty but was held on $150,000 bond or $75,000 cash bail. When injuries are serious based on the NY State serious injury threshold, and the other party is at fault for causing the accident, you can recover compensation for injuries through a civil lawsuit. Generally, lawyers pursue civil lawsuits after the criminal lawsuit concludes. Attorneys represent seriously injured parties to help them recover compensation for medical bills, lost wages and other damages related to the...

Early Tuesday Morning, Woman Killed in Amityville Pedestrian Accident

Amityville Pedestrian Accident According to the Farmingdale Patch on January 5, as 52-year-old Angela DeLeone stepped into the road around 6:55 a.m., she was struck by a car and died. She was walking south on New York State Route 110, South of West Street, which is a major state highway that borders Suffolk County on the west side. The 68-year-old Amityville woman driving the 2013 Hyundai that hit Leone was not injured. Police are investigating the Ammityville pedestrian accident and did not file charges against the driver. New York State has a high rate of pedestrian accidents and the most recent statistics on record show that 344 pedestrians died in crashes with motor vehicles in 2013. Who is at fault in pedestrian accidents? Often drivers are at fault. However, what are your rights and what laws should you know about and abide by as a pedestrian? SafeNY lists the following as guidelines for pedestrians based on NY law: Pedestrians must obey traffic light signals, signs and pavement markings. Pedestrians are not allowed on expressways or interstate highways. When there are no traffic signals, drivers myst yield the right-of-way to pedestrians, especially in a crosswalk or when there is potential danger to the pedestrian. Pedestrians with guide dogs or canes have the right-of-way at an intersection or crosswalk and drivers must yield to them. When no crosswalks or signals exist, pedestrians must yield the right-of-way to vehicles on the road. When drivers cross sidewalks as they leave or enter a building, they must yield the right-of-way to the pedestrian on the sidewalk. When sidewalks exist and are safe, pedestrians must...

Long Island Man Driving Lamborghini Dies in Single Car Run-Off-Road Crash

Port Jefferson, Long Island Car Crash CBS New York reported that Glen Nelson, age 48, who lived in Belle Terre died in a crash when his Lamborghini left the road Sunday afternoon around 3:40 p.m. His car hit a pole. After police arrived at the scene, he was transported to Saint Charles Hospital in Port Jefferson where the hospital staff pronounced his death. Police impounded the vehicle as part of the accident investigation. We are all saddened by such tragedies and ask ourselves, how could something like this happen? A report by the National Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) provides some facts that shed light on causes of fatal single vehicle, run-off-road (ROR) accidents. Here are a few facts and factors often involved: About 70% of single vehicle accidents are ROR accidents. Drivers with alcohol use are more likely (86.5 %) than sober drivers (58.3 %) to be involved in ROR crashes. Speeding vehicles are more likely (90%) to be involved in ROR crashes than non-speeding vehicles (59.5 %). Curved road segments are more often scenes for ROR crashes than straight roadways. Rural roads are the scenes of more ROR crashes than urban roads. ROR crashes occur most frequently on roads with higher posted speed limits of 60 mph or higher. ROR crashes happen more often on roads with one or two lanes than roads with more lanes. ROR accidents occur more often during adverse weather conditions such as rain, sleet, snow and fog. Our Long Island attorneys  at Palermo Touhy Bruno hope you drive safely and avoid accidents as we enter into the holiday and winter...

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