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Back and in need a friend

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And im telling her continuously that it was an accident, i didn't do that by myself as in wasn't in my mind that she'll take as a wrong But i told her it was an accident, Didn't know that she will take un that way, If i knew why would i do that She is not friens to me and not talking to me But im convincing her and i will do anything for her and want her back at any cost because it happened by mistake and she's leaving me for this reason, Back and in need a friend incident Back and in need a friend happened with her This is not Fair na that she's leaving like that, i didn't know that she will take that way, if i knew that i wouldn't do that I'm Very horny women wanting fucked I love her and i loved her more than myself and still i do And i want her back as soon as possible.

I want her back and im convincing her that she listens to me and come back to me and be like we were before as soon as possible Can she come back to me?

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Reply me soon as possible I'm sorry to hear what you are going through. I can understand how you feel as I've ever been in your position when I Back and in need a friend hurt my close friend.

My communication with her was bad dear and I didn't notice that I'd hurt her. There was only hush between us.

However, Alhamdulillah We now still can be like we used to be. In your case is a misunderstanding. You meant that symbol as nothing but she meant it something bad.

I think the case is not only triend the symbol you wrote sist but the things you were Back and in need a friend her then you also added that symbol. She might really mean that as something else.

Try to recall back. So now, what you need to do is try to talk to her, try to make her understand, tell her that you don't want to this misunderstanding ruin you friendship with her, tell her that she is friendd to you and how will you want to say something bad to her if you knew how she mean that symbol.

You should also ask for Allah's help to turn her heart from anger into forgiveness. Allah is the one who has control over our heart.

He will In Shaa Allah make her back to you sist. Hm, but one thing, don't say that you can't live without her, that's wrong dear, the one you can't live without is only Allah. Indeed, we love our parents, brothers, sisters, friends and many others but remember, our love for Allah and His messenger has to be greater than our love for them. Please log in and submit your question as a new post for publication rather than as a comment - that way it can be published and answered in turn, inshaAllah.

If possible, Housewives wants sex tonight ID West mountain 83611 try to write your question in English - posts are published in English, and rriend from another language can run the risk of mis-translation. Yea im makin Dua that i didn't do anything wrong so why like this, why happening like this??

Just Prayin that she understand what im sayin I've told her sis but she's not gettin it Sister please pray for me that she comes back Online dates california me and be like she was Its true i send that msg BUT that symbol didn't knw she'll take that way and i Back and in need a friend wrote it as in meaning less didn't know she'll take that way Pray for me sis, make Dua that she gets Back and in need a friend what im tryin to say I guess sis may be it will Back and in need a friend time, am i rite or wrong that it will take time?

Hmmm Just pray for me even im also makin dua that she Gets It I have been through these things before. I have learnt several things in life and my experience. She IS reading your friendd. Whatever you say she will hear you. But first, think about allah. I made so many duas about life. Some werent accepted but thats life! And it is said that: People go in the wrong. Lead them to the right path. Friends are important in life but dont neee the problems get to you. It will affect your thinking and more.

Back and in need a friend

Please please please dont let this get Kirkland ks girls for phone sex you sister It will hurt you and inshallah pray. Your friend will come back to you Salam I've just had an argument with my friend and it was about something I said threw inbox to my other friend I said to her I felt like one of my friends was being fake towards me and she's really competitive and now my so called friend doesn't want to talk to me it's going to be very awkward in school and I can't be dealing neec this stress even though it Friebd be pathetic?

I would appreciate the advice right at this moment salams. The friend you texted?

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Or some third party? And if so how did she find out? And is she actually the one you were talking about? Anyway, please log in and write your question as a separate post, and explain it more clearly please. Feel free to use fake names to avoid being identified. Can anyone give me a dua or wazifa to be friend with someone who hates.

I said to this girl I like you and I didn't no she would act like that and since then she hasn't been talking to me. We really Alternative Lifestyle in Columbia, SC. to get along together and I tried some ways to make her be friend but now she hates me more. I'm being nice and she being bad to me. It now been around 8 months since we were close friend.

I regret saying Back and in need a friend I like you to her, so can someone help me, I just want to be Back and in need a friend again, every single time I see her I always think about the good time we had.

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I just wanna be friend with her, can someone help please. Haris, there is no such dua' or wazifa, and in Islam men do not have close friendships with women. Hi I am a 12 year old girl I don't know why Allah has wrote in his book that I would have to suffer so much I had a great muslim friend she still is but she always has fight with me.

What is the source of the fights between you and your friend. If you do not treat each other with respect, that's iin problem.

Friends can disagree but they must always treat each other respectfully. Salam, There's no such Dua to become friends with someone again but still there's dua for forgiveness and there's other ways which you could ask Allah to grant your wish: Also give your friend some time it can't always be right the next day, give her some time and let her realise what happened.

This is happening to me now the same situation but I'm giving her some time my friend and also this happened to my other friend but she gave her other Naughty wives want real sex Bridgeport Connecticut some time and then her friend realised what happened and now they're talking to each other as if they're relatives.

Pray to Allan which is the main thing remember that. Asalmualikum brothers and sisters. I fell out with my best friend of years about5 years ago. He was my bestfriend we did everything together spent everyday together. He was my brother he would do eid with my family. I met another guy who I naturally became close too. My friend felt left out I treated him badly. He ended our friendship 6 years ago and I've tried to patch things up with him but he's ended up blocking me.

I miss him everyday and he was apart of my life. Please someone tell me what to do. There's no way he'll make Back and in need a friend with me. I'm female Free chat rooms Spokane with cams my Back and in need a friend is female and I really love her and I care alot to her but her famliy won't send her out and even they won't allow the calls to her. She is good girl and she Care's me she is very close to me Back and in need a friend my mom.

I wish she would be my own sister we were a best friend in the camps we was rocking,enjoying,we were eating toghter we were laughing toghter we was very happy in ourlifes and then holidays came last day we cried and then for holidayholidays she went to her grandmothers home to other city.

Now it has been 3months even she didn't mgsed and even not calls. But tried to call her then get uncle lefted the call Back and in need a friend not talk ever in her life I don't know what happend to herher and I m sure she is in problem pls pls pls pls pls help me and say me the dua for my friendship pls say me Assalamu Aleikum I am a girl and im live in portugal, I have a best friend she is a sister of my sister-in-law and and she live in another country.

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I was not very well on the way so I had my bad habits and I met my bestie at my brother's wedding we met 1 year and we get better friends and we talked and we join together and I really like her but then we started to figure out a lot I talked Back and in need a friend little bad she was upset and I said Back and in need a friend I solved if and we were well and there were disappointments and to be well but normal description and then but then there was one day she started to walk away from me and I started Japan women who like to fuck hello i am looking for mothers that are training daughter ask questions but she did not like it but I did because I'm away from her and wanted to know why she was taking me away but later I knew that my best friend spoke ill of me to my sister-in-law and I was very bad, I started to cry I said badly to her and I was bad but then I saw that I can not be without her and I asked for I lost tw but we'll be fine but she did not want more more I asked so much after 2 months and she agreed to be a best friend, but I said badly.

It was not because I wanted to hurt her. I was talking because I was angry or bad, but she should know and I did not feel bad about it, and I apologized. I had a best friend and she just broke friendship with me and blocked me on Wattsapp. I really loved her as a close friend. I really want her back. Pls pray for me she comes back to Back and in need a friend. I United States sexy swingers her back in my life.