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The Thanksgiving Holiday: Be Safe on Black Friday

Thanksgiving is a wonderful holiday for families and a time for giving thanks. By the same token, it signals the beginning of the Christmas season, a tradition of giving, with many stores now opening on Thanksgiving Day, at midnight or in the early hours of the morning. Some stores offer fantastic deals to save on gifts. Ironically, the ugly side of commercialism has also reared its head on Black Friday with shopping deals turning into shopping frenzies. Shoppers competing for limited supplies of merchandise have literally stampeded the stores. People still remember 2008 when the 34-year old employee at a Long Island Walmart store died as a result of a mob rush (New York Daily News). Shoppers have also been hit by a cars in parking lots, gotten into fights with employees over merchandise, sent injured children to the hospital and fallen asleep at the wheel when driving home, according to the website Black Friday Death Count. Your safety is more important than any sales item you could ever buy. CNET provides some interesting facts about Black Friday shopping that may encourage you to avoid stores and shop online instead. Here are a few: Many stores offer the same sales online. Large stores promote what sales you can buy online or in the store and many have free shipping with purchases over a certain monetary amount. Sales go on for days. Many sales last beyond Black Friday. In addition to Black Friday, there is Cyber Monday now too. Better deals online. Some computer manufacturers offer better online deals than what the retail stores are offering. Take precautions on Black Friday....

Palermo Touhy Bruno’s Free iPad Giveaway for Facebook Contest

Many companies today promote their businesses through Facebook and are able to build client bases, network and share valuable information. After all, Facebook provides a way to engage people and connect with them. And together you can build something of value. Recently, we decided to take our Facebook site to the next level by offering a free iPad give away contest. We have many Facebook visitors who share or comment on interesting facts and useful information we post. Why not reward them for doing so? We decided when we reached 1,000 “likes” or comments that we’d randomly select and give someone an iPad. Congratulations to Mr. Eddie Rizzi! Eddie won our 2015 IPad giveaway for our Facebook Sweepstakes. We’ve been getting tremendous feedback on our page and we thank everyone for continuing to follow us. We use Facebook to keep our community of friends apprised and educated on their legal rights. Friends, clients and family can find out about important legal developments that may be of interest or relevant to their lives. Our attorneys at Palermo Touhy Bruno enjoy contributing to the community we live in and taking an active part in it. From time to time, we have sponsored charity marathons and taken other actions to lend our support. We are a personal injury practice of dynamic lawyers who live right within your community. Our firm is well established and experienced. In fact, you may even know about us through media releases about notable cases we’ve handled. We are here to serve you. And we certainly thank you for following...

Medford Man Killed in Single Car Accident on Slick Roads

As rainy fall weather sets in, and recently we’ve seen considerable rain, the road conditions can become hazardous. Such was the case when a 31-year-old Medford man died in an accident early Wednesday at 3:03 a.m. Alan Bradley was driving a 2002 Hyundai on Granny Road on slick roads when his car slid, crossing over into the opposite lane and striking a utility pole, according to Newsday. He was pronounced dead at the scene and the police impounded his car for safety inspections. Taking safety precautions when driving in the rain may help you or a loved one prevent a tragic accident like this one. AAA recommends the following safety tips: Ensure your car is road safe. When windshield wipers don’t clear the windshield or leave streaks, replace them. Ensure all vehicle lights — headlights, brake lights and taillights — are working. Ensure proper tire inflation so you have good traction. Use headlights. When driving in the rain use highlights to compensate for poor visibility. Don’t use cruise control. When you brake while using cruise control, the braking isn’t gradual. Abrupt braking can cause the car to skid. Avoid cruise control and brake slowly when driving in the rain so you don’t lose traction. Reduce speed. Drive more slowly to avoid the possibility of hydroplaning, which can occur even with as little an amount of water as one half inch on the road. Keep your distance. Allow more distance between your car and other cars so you can brake less often and more gradually when you do need to brake. Learn how to drive in a skid. Turn the...

Enjoy the Holidays and Drive Safely

Family get-togethers are the highlight of Thanksgiving. While the days of riding in horse driven carriages “over the river and through the woods” belong to the last century, travel is still an issue. We pile into our cars, go the distance, and arrive at Grandma’s to enjoy roast turkey with all the trimmings. We have much to be grateful for and devoting a day to give thanks is a treasured American tradition. Part of the celebration often includes having a few drinks, whether cocktails, glasses of wine, dessert liquors or a few beers during the Thanksgiving football games. Although it’s great to celebrate the occasion, it’s also smart to put some safety guidelines in place so you don’t end up drinking and driving. You should either designate a driver who abstained from alcohol or spend the night and leave the next day. Drinking and driving isn’t the only safety factor to consider with holiday driving. The American Safety Council  recommends the following safety tips for holiday travel: Allow extra driving time. Invariably, you encounter more traffic than usual during holiday travel. Consider leaving a day early or least several hours earlier than the normal drive requires, so you don’t stress about being late. For long distance travel, make sure your vehicle is travel worthy before heading out on the road. Alternate travel days. Whenever possible, leave a day ahead and avoid holiday traffic. Also, add an extra day to avoid traffic when returning home. In addition to traveling during less traffic congestion, it will give you extra time to be well rested. Use a GPS for alternate traffic routes...

Northport Motorcycle Accident Attorneys

Northport,Long Island Motorcycle Accident Tragically Takes the Life of a Passenger On Sunday evening in Northport, Long Island, a woman riding on the back of a Harley Davidson motorcycle died when an SUV crashed into the motorcycle. The 66-year old woman driving the 2015 Toyota SUV was attempting to turn into her driveway. She was driving eastbound on Fort Salonga Road, west of Sandy Hollow Road. The motorcycle was in the westbound lane when the SUV struck it. The Northport Patch reported that Floral Park resident Martha Garcia, age 57, was riding on the back of the motorcycle and upon impact was ejected from the vehicle. She was pronounced dead at Huntington Hospital. Her boyfriend operating the motorcycle was 53-year old James Losita. He was treated for non-life threatening injuries at Huntington Hospital, as was the driver of the SUV. Authorities are still investigating the accident and have impounded the vehicles for safety checks. The odds of surviving an ejection accident are typically not in the victim’s favor. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), 77 percent of passenger vehicle occupants who are totally ejected from vehicles during crashes die from the accident. Ejection accidents happen most frequently in cars when individuals are not wearing seat belts. By comparison, only one percent of people wearing seat belts are ejected from vehicles. Of course, since motorcycles do not have seat belts and also have no enclosure, riders are much more at risk for ejection during an accident. Most motorcycle accidents occur because drivers fail to see the motorcycle until after impact or until it is too late to...

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