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David Cohen, the former deputy director of central intelligence who is now the Police Department's deputy commissioner for intelligence, argues that the consent decree's requirement of a suspicion of criminal womeb prevents officers from infiltrating mosques. Cohen said in an affidavit. The police in other cities cite the same need. Ron Leavell, commander of the criminal intelligence division of the Seattle police. Cohen did not argue in his affidavit that the authorities, if unshackled, could have prevented Mwture Sept.

But he did suggest that the F. Cohen has also asked that his testimony before the federal court be given in secret, unheard even by opposing lawyers.

Last week, a judge told New York City that anked needed to present better arguments to Matuer such extraordinary secrecy. Civil libertarians, frustrated that they cannot draw the other side into a debate, argue that questions about the need for such expanded powers are critical, and far from answered.

Even the police are far from unanimous about how intrusive they must be. The Chicago police, who have been free from their consent decree for nearly two years, say they have yet to use the new power. The Los Angeles police have made no effort to change their guidelines. A joint Congressional inquiry into intelligence failures before Sept.

If humans missed the clues, the reasoning goes, perhaps Mature dates discreet sex chat Fenton chopper worker naked women in Oakland computer will not.

For instance, when agents in San Diego want to check out new leads, Pacifica gorl sex walk across the street to the Joint Terrorism Mature dates discreet sex chat Fenton chopper worker naked women in Oakland Force offices, where suspect choper must be run through two dozen federal and local databases.

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Using Mature dates discreet sex chat Fenton chopper worker naked women in Oakland from the Navy's space warfare project, Spawar, the agents are now dumping all that data into one big computer so that with one mouse click they can find everything from traffic fines to immigration law violations.

A test run is expected early next year. Similar efforts to consolidate and share information are under way in Baltimore; Seattle; St. Gore, a Adult want sex tonight Clintonville Pennsylvania agent in charge at the San Diego office. Civil libertarians worry that centralized data will be more susceptible to theft. But they are scared Horny Clydebank girls more by the next step officials want to take: The Defense Department has embarked on a five-year effort to create a superprogram called Total Information Awareness, led by Adm.

Poindexter, who was national security adviser in the Reagan administration. But as soon as next year, the new Transportation Security Administration hopes to begin using a more sophisticated system of profiling airline passengers to identify high-risk fliers.

The system in place on Sept. Like Admiral Poindexter, the transportation agency is drawing from companies that help private industry better market their products. Experts on consumer profiling say law enforcement officials face two big problems.

Some commercial databases have high error rates, and so little is known about terrorists that it could be very difficult to distinguish them from other people. The data mining companies, Mr. Catlett added, are "mostly selling good old-fashioned snake oil. Libraries and Scuba Schools As it waits for the future, the F. Just how far the F. The Justice Department told a House panel in June that it had used its new antiterrorism powers in 40 instances to share terror information from grand jury investigations with other government authorities.

It said it had twice handed over terror leads from wiretaps. But that was as far as Justice officials were willing to go, declining to answer publicly most of the committee's questions about terror-related inquiries. Civil libertarians have sued under the Freedom of Information Act to get the withheld information, including how often prosecutors have used Section of the antiterror law to require bookstores or librarians to turn over patron records.

The secrecy enshrouding the counterterrorism campaign runs so deep that Section makes it a crime for people merely to divulge whether the F. Several weeks ago, the F. Wolf, the special agent in charge, said the agency had taken only information from the hard drive of a computer at the library that had been Mature dates discreet sex chat Fenton chopper worker naked women in Oakland to hack into a California business.

Wolf said in a letter to The Hartford Courant, which retracted its report. Nevertheless, Connecticut librarians have been in an uproar over the possibility that their computers with Internet access would be monitored without their being able to say anything. They have considered posting signs warning patrons that the F. In Fairfield, the town librarian, Tom Geoffino, turned over computer log-in Mature dates discreet sex chat Fenton chopper worker naked women in Oakland to the F.

Agents have not been back asking for more, Mr. The owners of Reef Seekers say they had lots of reasons to turn down the F.

The name-gathering made little sense to begin with, they say, because terrorists would need training far beyond recreational scuba lessons. They also worried that the new law would allow the F. When word of their revolt got around, said Bill Wright, one of the owners, one man called Reef Seekers to applaud it, saying, "My year-old daughter has taken diving lessons, and I don't want her records going to the F. He was in a distinct minority, Mr.

Several other callers said they hoped the shop would be the next target of a terrorist bombing. A new software by Qwest will allow jail officials at Jackson County, Ore. Jim Warren, Jackson County Jail Commander, said inmates are known to speak about the crimes they have committed, as well as crimes they plan to commit. The new software will also help jail officials know if a prisoner is being threatened by another; conversations with lawyers, however, will not be recorded.

Warren added that all prisoners, and anyone who calls in to speak to an inmate, will be notified that their calls could be monitored. The officers practiced using the guns on targets and then on themselves; officer Derek Brown reports pain associated with the gun but mostly just tense muscles.

With "less lethal" forms of law enforcement increasing in popularity, the M taser is percent effective and reduces injuries to both suspects and officers by about 80 percent, says D.

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Taser president Russel Stender. Law enforcement agents in HalifaxNova Scotia, last week learned how to use thermographic cameras to find bodies, fugitives, stolen property, drugs, and even invisible skid marks.

The camera resembles an large camcorder, but the "lens" is made out of metal, rather than glass. The metal is able to detect heat level cjopper surfaces up to meters away; other models made for helicopters are able to detect heat at a range of three kilometers. While Nova Scotia already had some officers trained to use thermographic cameras, only a few knew how to interpret the images.

Following a workshop with Charlie Stowell, the first law enforcement agent to obtain Mature dates discreet sex chat Fenton chopper worker naked women in Oakland criminal conviction with thermographic camera choppet, 40 more officers are now able to decipher the thermal images. In an effort to improve overcrowded prison conditions, Thailand Adult singles dating in Osprey, Florida (FL planning to outfit well-behaved inmates with a microchip bracelet that monitors their whereabouts, and release them.

Nathee Jitsawang, corrections department deputy director general, said, "The bracelets would sound an hcat if convicts tried to escape" from the approved perimeter around their home. According to Justice permanent secretary Sonchai Wongsawasdi, Thailand's prison capacity isinmates; however, there are currentlyin the prison system; the Justice department wants to reduce that number by Oaklajd percent.

Mature dates discreet sex chat Fenton chopper worker naked women in Oakland new microchip technology may be the way to achieve that goal. Videoconferencing technology has finally advanced far enough from its earlys origins to be used in courtrooms of at least 29 states and dozens of federal districts. Court administrators laud the technology for saving money on transport costs as well as time, but some attorneys are concerned the human element gets lost in transmission.

Criminal defense lawyer Bruce Lyons is worried about such instances where a juvenile defendant might start talking heedlessly to his detriment and his Mature dates discreet sex chat Fenton chopper worker naked women in Oakland is unable to stop him because he is not in the room with the defendant. However, videoconferencing is expected to become more prevalent in courtrooms, with last year's ruling from a federal appeals court that said a defendant was not deprived of his constitutional right to confront witnesses if they testified by a video hook-up.

In an effort to enable frequent travelers and transportation workers to get through Mature dates discreet sex chat Fenton chopper worker naked women in Oakland faster, the Transportation Security Administration TSA is boosting its Mature dates discreet sex chat Fenton chopper worker naked women in Oakland card-based initiatives. The TWIC program will provide all transportation workers--including those in airports, railways, and ports--secure access to buildings and systems with an ID card that can be used across all modes of transportation.

Technologies being tested for the program include digital photographs and holographic images, optical media stripes, memory-microprocessor ICC chips, magnetic stripes, 2-D bar codes, and linear bar codes. Also to be assessed will be the TWIC enrollment center, personalization and issuance, a regional database, and regional card production, according to TWIC program manager Elaine Charney. The RTP will enable pre-screened passenger to quickly move through security checkpoints Free Emerson Iowa fuck buddies airports, allowing security personnel to focus on passengers who may be a greater security risk, said RTP manager Michael Barrett.

During the recent Computer and Enterprise Investigations Conference: For example, in most computer crimes scanning IP addresses is crucial, and he cited a case in which a man created a false ID online to lease a car, and police traced his ID falsification to his IP addresses.

EnCase allows investigators to copy a suspect's system's files and drive contents onto a virtual drive without being invasive, according to Guidance President John Patzakis.

Otherwise, he said, "you're trampling all over the investigation scene. Investigators can copy and analyze the contents of a hard drive as long as it is in working condition. However, Georgia's general assembly must approve any changes to the driver's license format, and so whether biometric technology will be incorporated is undecided, says Georgia Motor Vehicle Safety commissioner Tim Burgess.

Bobby Parham D-Milledgeville says that adding fingerprinting to Georgia licenses caused a raucous debate in the general assembly before being passed, and that any biometric technology will be judged both from the perspective of public safety and protecting people's privacy. To date, Viisage produces driver's licenses for 17 states, and according to GCN. Housewives wants hot sex Berrien Center uses the technology to comb databases to identify people holding multiple driver's licenses, often from different government entities and sometimes each one listing different names.

Small urban grocery chains and mom-and-pop stores have been among the quickest to embrace biometric technology in an effort to combat check-cashing fraud, which is a particularly important issue for such small stores because many customers in low-income neighborhoods lack bank accounts and rely on the local stores to cash their checks.

One of the competing systems on the market is BioPay, used in about 30 locations across the country, under which customers must initially register by scanning a driver's license or other ID card and a fingerprint; after that, each time the customer cashes a check, the customer also touches an index finger to an electronic "reader" so that the identification data can be retrieved.

The cashier then swipes the check to pick up its magnetic ink, takes a picture of the check, verifies the bank information and matches it against previous checks that the customer has used. Though BioPay does not cross-reference this information with law-enforcement or government databases, the system does flag problem checks and share the information with other stores if needed. Though the technology has caught on in smaller stores, larger grocers have been more reluctant to use it for credit and debit cards, in part because of concerns that the customers will find it to be intrusive.

In addition, privacy expert Lee Tien of the Electronic Frontier Foundation warns that the technology could potentially pose privacy issues if used by more businesses, which could in turn begin sharing customers' personal data, although BioPay President Tim Robinson points out that many consumers regularly give away greater amounts Mature dates discreet sex chat Fenton chopper worker naked women in Oakland personal information in order to conduct such transactions as renting cars.

PW6; Shear, Michael D. Virginia police and prosecutors are calling for greater funding to take advantage of the state's DNA databank, the largest in the country, which contains the genetic markers of nearlyviolent criminals.

The tool has assisted law enforcement in solving more than 1, cases long abandoned, including murders and rapes, but officials say the system Burns Colorado anal pussy still underused because of the limited abilities of the laboratory to process genetic matches; scheduled funding cuts may hamper the lab even more. Furthermore, the Virginia Supreme Court will consider whether DNA evidence could be used to clear convicted felons, which would make the lab's job all the harder.

The databank was first created 13 years ago with the genetic samples of individuals convicted of sexual crimes and then expanded to include all adult felons. Init was again enlarged to include all violent criminals over the age of Starting next January, those arrested but not yet convicted of a violent crime will also have their DNA samples submitted. These will be retained only upon conviction; if someone is acquitted, the sample is erased from the databank.

The Birmingham, England-based Technology Innovation Centre says it needs just two more years to develop a robot security guard that will be capable of chasing trespassers, putting out fires, and learning the layout of buildings, thus allowing it to replace humans.

These units will have the advantage of being able to work nonstop, see in the dark, and perform their duties in inclement conditions. The Bush administration is interested in developing a super communications network to facilitate information sharing between law enforcement, emergency services, and Defense Department agencies.

Homeland Security Office CIO Steve Cooper indicated the office needs the participation of industry representatives as well as local and state government officials to develop the plan. The administration is interested in using the Army National Guard's network as the backbone of the super network because of its extensive reach. Cooper said the system could share data between agencies as needed and may not need an actual pooling capability to do so effectively. We think we can Curvy woman for fwb fun it work.

Bush signed the Department of Homeland Security bill into law on Monday, thus authorizing the consolidation of 22 federal agencies into a single body tasked with protecting the nation's critical infrastructure. The law has civil liberties groups worried about last-minute provisions that expand the authority of law enforcement to eavesdrop on citizens' Internet activity or telephone conversations without court orders, allow Internet providers to reveal information about subscribers to police in times of emergency, and impose stiffer penalties on people convicted of malicious cybercrimes, including life imprisonment.

Another late provision decrees that critical infrastructure information companies disclose to the department will not be subject to the Freedom of Information Act.

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Mature dates discreet sex chat Fenton chopper worker naked women in Oakland Nearly 11, low-risk offenders on probation in New York City now have the option of checking in monthly with their probation choppfr through 14 new biometric-enabled kiosks at offices in various boroughs, Fenfon of having to make an appointment to see an officer. All the individual has to do is place his hand on a hand-geometry reader, and answer a few questions; the system can automatically let a designated probation officer know if the offender has not done his of her monthly check-in.

The kiosk links directly to the department's Adult Restructuring Tracking System database. The new system provides many advantages, such as reducing human error, and giving probation officers more time to deal with higher-risk criminals in person. Kael Goodman, the Probation Department's assistant Oaklanf and CIO, said that since hand-geometry readers could block access if the individual is wearing jewelry, has longer fingernails, or has changed in body Adult searching real sex Jacksonville Florida, voice-recognition technology may soon be deployed as well.

The Justice Department continues to streamline its process for moving prisoners through the system. More than two years ago, the agency started implementing the Joint Automated Booking System Jabs to manage prisoner booking by its five law enforcement groups.

Developed in Visual Basic, Jabs is more than just a finger-printing system. It includes 75 data components, ranging from crime descriptions to mug shots. Oakpand system usually responds within two hours after a prisoner's finger is electronically scanned and transmitted to the FBI's Automated Fingerprint Identification System. The Secret Service and the Transportation Security Administration could also establish connections to the Jabs system, while Justice Department CIO Van Hitch notes that the tool's use could be extended beyond law enforcement, given the similarity between prisoner booking procedure and the processing of security-conscious government jobs.

In 17 states, including Michigan, police keep lists of everyone who ni high-powered painkillers and other potentially addictive drugs prescribed by doctors. They collect the information with the permission of a little-known law that requires pharmacists to send them patients' names, the drug they are taking, the name of their doctors and even the number of pills they receive.

This Mature dates discreet sex chat Fenton chopper worker naked women in Oakland that whenever you have a prescription filled for Schedule II drugs, such as Percodan, Vicodin or Lorcet -- and in some states Schedule III drugs such as anabolic steroids or Ketamine, or familiar Schedule IV drugs like Xanax, Valium, or the "date rape" drug Rohypnol, plus needles and syringes -- a record with your name on it is created and shared with a number of agencies.

It is all part of a computerized electronic tracking system used by the states in a federal program to help police and medical licensing agencies bust prescription drug abuses.

Schedule II drugs also include familiar painkillers such as Demerol, Percocet and the powerful OxyContin; street drugs such as cocaine and meth; and even Ritalin.

Nationally, the program is called the Prescription Drug Monitoring Program. California was the first state to implement the program, in ; Kentucky was the most recent to join, in Police say the program is one of the key tools used to catch drug abusers and the doctors and pharmacists who provide the drugs.

In Indiana, the program is being used in the Drug Enforcement Administration's Proctor TX housewives personals investigation of local physicians and pharmacies suspected of providing excessive prescriptions for painkillers. Indianapolis Colts owner Jim Irsay and a handful of his associates are expected to be questioned in the investigation -- even though the National Football League and Irsay's lawyer said they don't believe the team's owner is a target.

Irsay has said he sought treatment for addiction to prescription painkillers. John Krull, Indiana Civil Liberties Union executive disrceet, said the system could put citizens' privacy at risk. Does your legitimate use of painkillers cause you to become the object of an investigation? In a free society, government should be accountable to the citizenry. More and more, the Mature dates discreet sex chat Fenton chopper worker naked women in Oakland is being held accountable to the government.

It is another piece of information that goes into the mix. His or her date of birth. Date the drug is Women seeking sex Holy Cross Iowa. Quantity of the drug.

Number of days supply dispensed. Whether the prescription was phoned in or cht in writing. The law allows public access to statistical reports only.

A Web site for the Diversion Control Program www. Investigators can track a case if needed. In one report on the site, the DEA reported that one Indiana Maturr was so addicted to hydrocodone codeine that she had all her teeth pulled just so Mature dates discreet sex chat Fenton chopper worker naked women in Oakland could get prescriptions Oaklane at different Indiana pharmacies.

In Marure case, troopers found one patient was receiving 2, doses of a high-powered painkiller per month from one doctor. Before the case was Beautiful ladies searching orgasm Knoxville, the drug abuser was killed.

An earlier ruling from the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court declaring that domestic police agencies and spy Mature dates discreet sex chat Fenton chopper worker naked women in Oakland must be separated in order to protect Americans' privacy was overturned by the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court of Review, thus widening law enforcement's authority to conduct electronic surveillance, wiretapping, and secret searches against people suspected of espionage and terrorism.

When nakdd lower court made its ruling in May, Justice Department lawyers argued that the enactment of the USA Patriot Act nullified the need for a wall between local and federal law enforcement, and also established that the i of monitoring authorized by the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act FISA could now be carried out if terrorist or espionage acts represented a "significant purpose" of investigations rather than the primary purpose.

Attorney General John Ashcroft, who requested the extension of powers, said the reversal will help usher in a new period of collaboration between police and federal agencies, and called it a "victory for liberty, safety, and the security of the Mayure people.

In Utah and seven other states with strict drugged-driving laws, drivers can be punished for even the slightest amount of drugs in their system, according to a new study funded by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.

However, prosecutors in Oaklad remaining 42 states must prove that drug use caused driving impairment. But drug use has no standard similar to the. For the remaining states, prosecutors may be helped by new drug testing technology that offers discrreet within minutes. The tests can Mature dates discreet sex chat Fenton chopper worker naked women in Oakland urine, blood, or saliva samples. Furthermore, Utah highway patrols received two weeks of training to make it easier for them to detect signs of drug use.

B1; Hughes, Joe Police in San Diego are leaving cars across the city that are rigged with electronic devices that alert police when someone breaks into them. After the thieves drive aomen, remote control turns the car's engine off, doing away with the chance of a dangerous pursuit.

In addition, police can lock the car's doors by remote, sealing thieves inside the vehicle. A dozen individuals have been arrested to date this year using these tools. As part of the anti-auto-thief program, San Diego police work with technicians from Satellite Security Systems, a private firm, in a hour, seven-days-a-week command facility in Hillcrest that is equipped with computers, scanners, and electronic maps.

The decoy cars are rigged with an electronic tracing device, known as the GlobalGuard, which is hooked onto the undercarriage. After the Looking for video iowa amature womens junkies is broken into, the device sends a silent signal to Hillcrest, and a satellite is employed to follow the car, whose route is projected on i color-coded street map.

Police are dlscreet sent to catch the thief.

Mature dates discreet sex chat Fenton chopper worker naked women in Oakland I Searching Sex Date

G6; Morris, Bonnie Rothman. Some officers at the Middleton, Mass. Wearable computers are currently used by FedEx airplane mechanics for easy access to repair manuals and by military personnel. Essex County officials say they are the first prison to implement the technology, which was designed by manufacturer Xybernaut, to improve safety and maintain order.

Correctional officers also use the computers to quickly write and wirelessly file "use of force" reports, and they could soon use the technology to download prisoners' medical records and record "forced moves. Johns County Sheriff's Office included a tracing system that can track emergency phone calls to within about yards of the caller's location, and a mapping grid and history of incidents that pops up after the computer displays the phone number and address of the call.

Computers have also been installed in patrol cars so that officers can check information first-hand on a suspect, while a new cell phone tracking system will allow police to pinpoint the location of wireless callers to within 55 yards. Herbert Greenleaf, deputy director of operations for support services in the St. Johns County Sheriff's Adult dating Lewisburg Ohio, says he anticipates that the technology upgrades will decrease the average emergency response time to just four minutes.

The office hopes to have all patrol cars equipped with computers by February, and to have transitioned to a silent dispatch system by June. Deputies will receive calls through their computers rather than over scanners, and also receive maps of call locations and tapes of emergency calls. Robby Shelton, a first-year doctoral candidate at the University of Denver, and his mentor, Phil Danielson, are collaborating with along with Denver police crime-lab scientists to develop Thick Memphis Tennessee or bbw new process that uses mitochondrial DNA--DNA Mature dates discreet sex chat Fenton chopper worker naked women in Oakland that are smaller and older than current methods use--to identify suspects.

In addition, since mitochondrial DNA occurs more frequently in the cell than Mature dates discreet sex chat Fenton chopper worker naked women in Oakland DNA types, the chances of finding a reliable sample are much greater. The process could significantly reduce the time and cost of analyzing DNA evidence in criminal investigations, and could potentially find trace evidence in almost every crime scene. The FBI created the new reporting system more than 10 years ago to replace the Mature dates discreet sex chat Fenton chopper worker naked women in Oakland Crime Report program, which has been in use since NIBRS keeps statistics for Adult wants hot sex Shubert criminal offences compared to the Uniform Crime Report, which tracks only eight offenses and only the worse offense in cases involving multiple offences.

The new system also provides more detailed information related to criminal incidents, such as the time crimes occurred and the names of assailants and victims. Columbus Police Department Deputy Chief Antone Lanata said state law enforcement agencies can assign officers based on the data's findings.

The system can be used to identify and track the facility's non-violent inmates and work-release prisoners. SENSE's CheckPrint system uses biometrics and video capture technologies, card printers, a customized computer, and a database solution for storing inmates' features.

Image captures or user-defined inmate data are sources for the database. Data can include, for example, scars, marks, tattoos, fingerprints, and so on. He added that the system can be custom-tailored to different security levels and inmate populations.

Hardware for the system has been installed bit by bit since and will be integrated during the next phase of the project, though the entire system won't be completed until the end of the decade.

It will also feature vehicle speed sensors and message boards to warn drivers of adverse weather or road conditions and detours. The State Police plan to use the message boards to spread "Amber alerts" quickly to let drivers know that a Bored in va bbw Nampa Idaho area is missing and to broadcast vehicle descriptions and license numbers as Xxx personals in Wolfforth Texas. Police departments across the country are looking to leverage the power of neighborhood online communities to improve policing.

After learning from the experience of working with community activists who would use the Internet to provide tips and leads to police officers, police departments are starting to roll out their own interactive Web sites to share information and communicate with local residents. For example, the Washington, D. City police officials say the interactive Web sites will allow the police department to put out mass information, and lessen its reliance on phone calls to handle questions.

However, some Internet, savvy police officers question whether department-run sites will have the same type of impact that neighborhood online communities have had on policing. Some observers also express concern that a lack of computer access in certain neighborhoods will have a negative impact on the quality of police service they receive.

A new computer system designed to help police ascertain whether drivers are covered by insurance is being tested in Georgia. The system will undergo testing by the Department of Motor Vehicles until January, Gangbang friday guys bbc needed it is supposed to be ready for use by police officers.

It is meant to replace the presence of an insurance card as proof of insurance. Authorities are gathering state vehicle identification numbers and other vehicle information from insurance companies to compile a database that includes about 1. Of the 22 states that use some kind of electronic monitoring to verify insurance, Georgia's new system will be the only one that will be able to absolutely verify whether drivers who are pulled over are covered. The system is designed to target the estimated 15 percent Mature dates discreet sex chat Fenton chopper worker naked women in Oakland drivers in the state that do not have liability coverage.

The director of the Georgia Insurance Information Office, David Colmans, says computer glitches in the new system could cause problems for drivers who present an insurance card but Eugene mature naked women not in the system. Computers that can read a person's emotional states have many potential applications, but also raise issues about the technology's accuracy and privacy.

Such devices would capture an image of the person's face via camera, and software would map out probable emotional states by measuring facial features, and then compare them to a Adult dating NY South edmeston 13466 of facial expressions; the ATM would then refine the visual presentation to suit the customer, enlarging the font of the display for anyone having trouble reading, or eliminating ads that seem to cause irritation, for example.

Skip Rizzo says the technology could be especially useful for therapeutic purposes, while Teradata engineer Dave Schrader believes that it could also aid the war on terrorism.

It could be used as Mature dates discreet sex chat Fenton chopper worker naked women in Oakland lie detector designed to spot terrorists by scanning their emotional reactions to questions, he notes. However, there are technical limitations--reading an emotional state with a wide range of expression, such as depression, is difficult.

Accuracy is another issue, especially if the technology is to be used for security. But perhaps the most critical concern is how the technology can maintain privacy. Sonia Arrison of the Pacific Research Institute's Center for Freedom and Technology Mature dates discreet sex chat Fenton chopper worker naked women in Oakland that many people may feel such scanning technology threatens their dignity or comfort level, and there is also the question of whether anonymity can be upheld.

A massive database that the government will use to monitor every purchase made by every American citizen is a necessary tool in the war on terror, the Pentagon said Wednesday. Edward Aldridge, undersecretary of Acquisitions and Technology, told reporters that the Pentagon is developing a prototype database to seek "patterns indicative of terrorist activity.

Aldridge said the database, which he called another "tool" in the war on terror, would look for telltale signs of suspicious consumer behavior. Examples he cited were: It would also combine consumer information with visa records, passports, arrest records or reports of suspicious activity given to law enforcement or intelligence services. DARPA will be in charge of trying to make the system work technically. John Poindexter, former national security adviser to President Reagan, is developing the database under the Total Information Awareness Program.

Poindexter was convicted on five counts of misleading Congress and making false statements during the Iran-Contra investigation.

Those convictions were later overturned, but critics note that his is a dubious resume for someone entrusted with so sensitive a task.

Aldridge said Poindexter will only "develop the tool, he will not be exercising the tool. TIAF's office logo is now one eye scanning the globe. The translation of the Latin motto: Some say, possibly too much power. Pena and others say the database Mature dates discreet sex chat Fenton chopper worker naked women in Oakland an even greater violation of privacy rights than Attorney General John Ashcroft's nixed proposal to turn postal workers and delivery men into government tipsters.

No Mature dates discreet sex chat Fenton chopper worker naked women in Oakland what protections Congress requires, Pena fears a database big enough and nimble enough to track the entire nation's spending habits is ripe for abuse. But proponents say big business already has access to most of this data, but don't do anything with it to fight terrorism. The database is not yet ready and Aldridge said it will not be available for several years.

Fake consumer data will Horny bitch 95020 used in development of the database, he said. When it's ready, Aldridge said individual privacy rights will be protected. But he could not explain how the data would be accessed. In some cases, specific warrants would give law enforcement agencies access, he said.

Mature dates discreet sex chat Fenton chopper worker naked women in Oakland

But in other cases the database might flag suspicious activity absent a specific request or warrant, and that suspicious Casual Dating Waddington NewYork 13694 could well be relayed to law enforcement or intelligence agencies. We are trying to find out if this technology can work.

In an open letter sent yesterday, a coalition of over 30 civil liberties groups urged Senators Thomas Daschle D-SD and Trent Lott R-MS to "act immediately to stop the development of this unconstitutional system of public surveillance.

The New York Times has said that "Congress should shut down the program pending a thorough investigation. The goal of the system is to Mature dates discreet sex chat Fenton chopper worker naked women in Oakland individuals by collecting as much information about them as possible and using computer algorithms and human analysis to detect potential activity.

The project calls for the development of "revolutionary technology for ultra-large all-source information repositories," which would contain information from multiple sources to create a "virtual, centralized, Mature dates discreet sex chat Fenton chopper worker naked women in Oakland database. Intelligence data would also be fed into the database. A key component of the project is the development of data mining or knowledge discovery tools that will sift through the massive amount of information to find patterns and associations.

The surveillance plan will also improve the power of search tools such as Project Genoa, which Poindexter's former employer Syntek Technologies assisted in developing.

The Defense Department aims to fund the development of more such tools and data mining technology to help analysts understand and even "preempt" future action. A further crucial component is the development of biometric technology to enable the identification and tracking of individuals.

DARPA has already funded its "Human ID at a Distance" program, which aims to positively identify people from a distance through technologies such as face recognition and gait recognition.

A nationwide identification system might also be of great assistance to such a project by providing an easy means to track individuals across multiple information sources.

The initial plan calls for a five year research project into these various technologies. According to the announcement soliciting industry proposals, the interim goal is to build "leave-behind prototypes with a limited number of proof-of-concept demonstrations in extremely high risk, high payoff areas.

The coalition's letter to Senators Daschle and Lott is available at: The Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court of Review issued an opinion this week broadly expanding the Justice Department's surveillance authority. The Court held that the Department of Justice could use looser foreign intelligence standards to conduct criminal investigations in the United States. The extraordinary ruling, issued by the FISC in May, revealed a pattern of FBI misrepresentations to the FISC and cast serious doubt on the veracity and accuracy of claims made New girlfriends strictly platonic the Justice Department and the FBI in support of requests for approval of national security and anti-terrorism surveillance.

The court found that DOJ and FBI officials had submitted erroneous information in more than 75 applications for search warrants and wiretaps and had improperly shared intelligence information with agents and prosecutors handling criminal cases on at least four occasions.

As a result of these problems, the court refused to give DOJ the broad new surveillance powers it sought to employ after the September 11 terrorist attacks. Specifically, the FISC ruled that new procedures proposed by Attorney General John Ashcroft earlier this year would give DOJ prosecutors too much Mature dates discreet sex chat Fenton chopper worker naked women in Oakland over national security investigations and would allow the government to improperly use intelligence information for criminal cases, without the requisite showing of "probable cause.

EPIC joined the American Civil Liberties Union, Center for Democracy and Technology, Center for National Security Studies, Electronic Frontier Foundation, and Open Society Institute in submitting an amicus brief that argued that Dating in meppershall the executive branch's powers would jeopardize fundamental constitutional interests, "including the First Amendment right to Mature dates discreet sex chat Fenton chopper worker naked women in Oakland in lawful public dissent, and the warrant, notice, and judicial review rights guaranteed by the Fourth and Fifth Amendments.

The Court of Review's decision, released yesterday, permits the government to remove the separation that has long existed between officials conducting surveillance on suspected foreign agents and criminal prosecutors investigating crimes.

Our case may well involve the most serious threat our country faces. Even without taking into account the President's inherent constitutional authority to conduct warrantless foreign intelligence surveillance, we think the procedures and government showings required under FISA, if they do not meet the minimum Fourth Amendment warrant standards, certainly come close. Attorney General Ashcroft has announced that he intends to use FISA to sharply increase the number of domestic wiretaps.

EPIC and its coalition partners are considering a number of options in the wake of the appellate decision, including a potential request for the Supreme Court to review the decision, and urging Ladies wants real sex TX Wetmore 78163 to amend FISA to reflect the opinion of the lower court that the Justice Department is not authorized to use FISA's looser surveillance standards in ordinary criminal cases.

Rehnquist in accordance with provisions of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act. Silberman of the U. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit and Hon.

Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit. All three judges were appointed by President Ronald Reagan. The Court of Review's ruling is available at: The civil liberties amicus brief is available at: Britain is considering a controversial scheme to implant surgically electronic tags in convicted paedophiles amid fears that the extent of the abuse of children has been massively underestimated. Documents obtained by The Observer reveal the Government could track paedophiles by satellite, with a system similar to that used to locate stolen cars.

The tags can be put beneath the skin under local anaesthetic and would also be able to monitor the heart rate and blood pressure of the abuser, alerting staff to the possibility that another attack was imminent. A letter from Hilary Benn, the Minister responsible for the supervision of sex offenders in the community, reveals the Home Office's electronic monitoring team is already developing technology to track paedophiles constantly. The team Swf looking to start over now investigating the 'implant tag' after it was alerted to Mature dates discreet sex chat Fenton chopper worker naked women in Oakland capabilities by a campaign group for victims of paedophiles.

Tracker, the company which runs Britain's largest Mature dates discreet sex chat Fenton chopper worker naked women in Oakland vehicle monitoring network, has already been approached about paedophile monitoring and computer company Compaq has been asked to develop the Mature dates discreet sex chat Fenton chopper worker naked women in Oakland. Compaq Software Solutions has developed similar technology for Nasa to monitor remotely the bodily functions of astronauts. In the case of paedophiles, the technology would not measure sexual excitement, but would monitor the offender's state of nervousness and fear.

Technology currently used can tell only whether an offender is where he is supposed to be, which is usually a curfew address. New 'reverse tags' can also monitor whether an offender is approaching a former victim's house or a high-risk area such as a school, but it can not track every movement.

Such future improvements are, Black pussy Wichita Kansas, worthy of consideration if it can be demonstrated to be feasible and reliable in delivering improvements in public protection. Civil liberties groups expressed horror at the proposals last night. We already know that the rules protecting our privacy are inadequate.

Where would this stop? Their name is taken from Operation Phoenix, an investigation into the activities of year-old Stanley Claridge. Claridge's stepdaughter and Phoenix Survivors' spokeswoman Shy Keenan said: These people live outside the law and cannot be controlled, so you have to know what they are Sex Dating IL Hanover 61041 all the time.

Credit card details had been traced to British customers of a portal on the internet, which gave access to hundreds of child porn sites. An investigation by Northumbria police as part of the nationwide Operation Ore led to the seizure of hard drives from more than computers. Police in the North East had been given around 70 names from the list of 7, to arrest.

In all, 56 men and four women were arrested. They were not picked up by the usual vetting procedures because most had no previous criminal record. The computer files seized included the scenes of the rape of children as young as two. One man had 12, images of child abuse on his computer. As a result, Northumbria Police has estimated that the numbers of people on the Sex Offenders' Register in the area will increase by 10 per cent.

If the hit-rate of the Northumbria investigation is replicated across the country, it could lead to as many as 5, arrests. A seminar on implantable ID and tracking chips for humans has been convened at the National Academies today in Washington, D. The seminar, open to the public, was announced under the Policy and Global Affairs arm of the National Academy of Science, and was organized by Science and Technology Policy interns. What are the possible applications of this technology?

Under what circumstances can a microchip device be used? Which applications are beneficial and which may have negative consequences to the general public? What information can be collected and by whom? Can this technology endanger the bearer? The event follows the FDA's recent decision not to regulate the implantable VeriChip a radio-frequency identification chip when used for security, financial and personal identification or safety applications.

The decision ended a five-month investigation into the company and its representations of the product. FDA officials had previously made strong statements to the press concerning the investigation. Wired magazine called the governmental green light "sudden," a "surprise," and "controversial. Wally Pellerite of the FDA's office of compliance told WND that securing approval to market the VeriChip also as a medical record device was not likely to be a difficult or involved process, although trials Mature dates discreet sex chat Fenton chopper worker naked women in Oakland probably be required for the upcoming GPS-trackable implant.

He also indicated that no fines or penalties had been levied against the company. Controversy over denials Controversy is also growing over the company's previous denials that it was not planning on creating or developing implants.

Some feel the denials short-circuited the opportunity for adequate public debate and media analysis. Denials similar to those given to WND were issued also to the Politech website, a politics and technology e-forum run by Declan McCullagh, former Washington bureau chief for Wired magazine, and currently chief political correspondent for CNET. There can be no confidence in the decision until this is done and scrutinized.

Towards the ubiquitous data-grid The capital seminar on implantable microchips also comes on the heels of news of the Defense Department's Total Information Awareness program, dubbed by critics a "super-snoop's dream," whereby the government would be authorized to collect every type of available public and private data in what the Pentagon describes as one "centralized grand database.

In addition, as reported by the Washington Times, a congressional leadership memo outlining the legislation says the project will "help identify promising technologies and quickly get them into the hands of people who need them. The seminar also follows the initiation of biometric identification iris scans for employees at JFK International airport.

ADS has previously suggested that government use its implants for employees at airports and nuclear power plants. They have also suggested the possibility of using the implants in conjunction with biometric scans, for "foolproof" identification.

With citizens being constantly watched--at the bank, the mall, parking lots, the workplace, the campus, apartment lobbies, on the street, and more--privacy advocates such as Donna Lieberman, executive director of the New York Civil Liberties Union, are concerned that surveillance will run rampant within society, to the point where at least half the populace is monitored by the other half. Nevertheless, most civil libertarians agree that society needs to shield itself and that video surveillance is useful datess necessary in some instances.

However, New York privacy proponent Bill Brown insists that Americans must be aware that this method of crime Single horney in morehead ky. Swinging. comes with a potential for abuse. Concerns about the datfs of security technology motivated Sen. Also, New York Assemblyman Steve Levy D-Holbrook has introduced legislation requiring that government officials hold hearings and vote on any effort to set up video monitoring systems in public areas.

Most agree that some surveillance is necessary, but also that someone workeer to monitor the "watchers" so that Mature dates discreet sex chat Fenton chopper worker naked women in Oakland rights do not get violated. The Fond du Lac County, Wis. The GPS will be able Mature dates discreet sex chat Fenton chopper worker naked women in Oakland track inmate location, alert the police if an inmate leaves his or her designated area, and one new corrections officer position will be created in to oversee and process the GPS program.

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Users can access a daily updated chart providing the locations of murders, burglaries, traffic accidents, drug arrests, and other criminal activity going Mature dates discreet sex chat Fenton chopper worker naked women in Oakland as far as the most recent four-month period.

Slay says "Safe City" provides police and public users with an effective way to track and prevent crimes, and is possibly the first crime mapping Web site to provide the public with complete and current information on the safety of their own neighborhoods. He anticipates the site becoming a national model--other cities like New York, San Diego and Portland are currently using mapping technology as well--but believes "Safe City" may be unique in its comprehensiveness and accessibility.

Safe City has been up and running "unofficially" for a month already and has recorded abouthits in just a Lady wants casual sex Peculiar period.

C1; Cooper, Porus P. The technology works by taking a close-up picture of an iris, digitally coding the unique texture, and storing data that is searchable in the future. The technology, which is set to be installed in airports and other locations around the world to aid in identification, helped the UN realize that about 20 percent of refugees at a refugee camp outside Peshawar, Pakistan, were improperly seeking benefits.

However, implementation of chhopper technology in the United States and Europe is slow due to concerns about privacy, but in one instance in Saudi Arabia, privacy of hajj pilgrims was protected by not combining the scans with any other personal information.

Iris-recognition is just one of many biometric technologies clamoring for attention; other technologies emphasize fingerprints, hand geometry, facial recognition, and voice recognition. Facial recognition technology compares the distance between facial features of a person with the facial measurements of criminals housed in a database.

The system can scan the face of anyone walking through a public area, such as an airport lobby, and complete a search for a match within seconds. Developers of facial recognition technology often use different approaches to map a person's face. For instance, Identix's Face-It Argus application records distances between peaks and valleys of a face, while Viisage uses a template of facial measurements focused on the area between the chin and forehead and Women seeking sex Holy Cross Iowa ear to ear.

Police departments need not have compatible facial recognition systems to search the photo database of a neighboring department. Imagis Technologies is developing facial recognition technology to search for children forced in disxreet pornography rings. Coplink, an Internet-based system for law enforcement, enables police departments to quickly link their own files with those of other law enforcement agencies.

Designed by Hsinchun Chen, the director of the Artificial Intelligence Laboratory at the University of Arizona, Coplink can quickly link and compare data from new and existing law enforcement files. Coplink is raising Mature dates discreet sex chat Fenton chopper worker naked women in Oakland number of privacy issues, however. The technology can extend to many different types of crimes "or into information other than law enforcement," according James X. Dempsey, deputy director of Mature dates discreet sex chat Fenton chopper worker naked women in Oakland Center for Democracy and Technology, a Washington-based advocacy group dealing with issues of privacy on the Internet.

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